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North Central Connecticut Golf League

Connecticut's Flexible Golf League!

Think you have no time for a golf league?   Think again!  

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How does the league work?    This is a 2-man match play league.   You will play 16 matches in a season that lasts from late April to early Sept.  You and your partner will need to decide if you are "Wednesday Players",  "Sunday players" or "Both".     All of your matches will be scheduled on the day that you choose, or if you choose "Both"  a mix of the two. This information is submitted to the league administrator before the season begins.   The league administrator creates the schedule by linking those that are able to play on the same days, and submits it back to the players.    After a schedule review and the chance for the players to tweak matches where needed, the season begins!   

What makes it so flexible?    1) You have control of the Days of the Week and Time of Day that you play  2)  As the season is long, we split the match schedule into 2 halves  -  April - June and July to Sept to allow for changes to your schedule when mid-season approaches.  3) We take a break on the 4th of July week, and we will hold a mid-season Scramble or other event to mix things up  4)  We have a robust sub list - subs are arranged by you and the pro shop as needed.   

 How Do I Register?

  1. You'll need a partner with a compatible schedule  - Wednesday, Sunday,  or Both   (You can sign up a single too)
  2. Collaborate with your partner and let us know if there are days that you CANNOT play at all.
  3. League cost is $60, which covers administration costs, league website software, and your GHIN handicap for 2024
  4. Connect with us - in order for this league to work, we will need both an email address and a cell number.   Ideally, you'll also join our closed Facebook group as well.

Welcome to the modern golf league.

 LEAGUE UPDATE 2/19/2024- registration for 2024 is now open! If you are interested in playing in 2024, give a call at 860-653-6191, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you are ready, scroll down this page and submit your registration  .Subs - use the same registration. We are accepting substitutes on an ongoing basis.

Fun Facts for 2024

  • we will be using GolfGenius to expedite updates to standings and statistics l
  • all players will receive 85% of handicap.
  • Top 2/3 of the 2-man teams will make the playoffs, any team that makes the playoffs will have a shot at winning it all!
  • In addition to winning the entire league, payouts will also be made to the top 8 finishers in the regular season
  • League will begin in approximately the 3rd to 4th  week in April
  • Prize money will be given in pro shop credit at Copper Hill 

(please note your registration is not complete until you have paid the league fees)

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North Central CT Golf League Website  (available when season starts)

What are the benefits of joining?

  • This is a fun league with the chance to make friends.    While there is certainly competition, we have been able to keep the mood light and fun
  • Greens fees are reduced for NCCGL players  - $18 per round versus the rack rate of $21 or $22 depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend.
  • Cart fee is $7 whether it is weekday or weekend

How much does it cost to join the North Central Connecticut Golf League?

In joining the league there is a one time League Fee of $60 per player, which includes league administration, website costs and your GHIN number for 2024.   If you already have a GHIN number at another course, the cost is $28.    Each round will have a tournament entry fee of $5.00 which will be accumulated and distributed as winnings at the end of the year.   All NCCGL League players will receive reduced greens fees during matches. 

Do I have to join the North Central Connecticut Golf League to play in events?

There are 3 ways you can be involved.

  • Option 1: Full Member (You plan to play all or most regular season matches)
  • Option 2: Permanent Sub (We contact you anytime a playing opportunity arises)
  • Option 3: Walk In Sub (Walk In each week and ask to be placed in a match)

When do I play my rounds?

Your matches will be set up by the league administrator based on your desired days/time of days that you communicate to Copper Hill. The matchups for each round will be posted on NCCGL League social media outlets and the NCCGL website. Signed scorecards are to be reported to pro shop for official results!

How many holes are the events?

Regular season Fourball matches will be 9 hole rounds.


A $5.00 tournament entry fee will be collected each official round. Payouts for each round will be accumulated and given out as cash at the end of each of the 2 season legs. All players are required to supply an email address so that we can communicate results.

Scoring System

Each 2 vs 2 match will consist of 3 available points. 2 individual match points and 1 team match point.

  • A vs A (1 point)
  • B vs B (1 point)
  • AB vs. AB (1 point)
  • All 85% Handicapped

How does my team WIN?

Approximately the top 2/3 of teams will make the playoffs at the end of the 16 weeks, and will be seeded according to their record for the season. If there are 24 teams, the top 16 teams will make the playoffs. Playoffs will be conducted like the NBA playoffs.... #1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, etc. in a round robin type match play grid.

How much can my team WIN?

This will depend upon the number of matches that are completed, and the number of teams in the league. For each match, the 4 players in the group will pay in $5 so each match should contribute $20 to the end of year payout, assuming that everyone contributes.


  1. You must have a WHS Handicap or submit 3 scores to pro shop before Day 1 for full members. Players will receive 85 percent of handicap.
  2. Full members or subs with no handicap and no history will receive 0 shots during first round.
  3. Second and third rounds full members or subs will receive 80% of their average history score over par.
  4. After 3 18 rounds, the new World Handicap System will assign a WHS handicap.   
  5. Course handicaps, not index handicaps, are used in the league.


There will be 16 rounds from start to finish, followed by playoffs. The top 2/3 of the total number of teams will make playoffs. For example, if there are 24 teams, teams 1 thru 16 will make playoffs and will face off in brackets similar to the NCAA, seeded #1 thru #16.

Tees Played

“Rule of 85” – following the lead of the CT Section PGA in their pro-ams, players may use the forward tees using the “rule of 85” – if age plus handicap is 85 or greater, the player may play the forward (gold) tees.

All other players will play white tees. There is no handicap adjustment if blues are chosen.