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Monday Night Ladies Night

2019 Season begins Monday April 22!
4:30 to 5:25 Tee Times - this is a flexible play league - come if you can, no commitment!
Special League Rate - $14 to walk, $20 to ride   Sign Up - call 860-653-6191 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2020Copper Hill Golf Club Monday Ladies Schedule
            Pay - In   
April 20 Opening Season Shamble MYOF Gross $2.00 Choose Best Drive, All Play in From That Spot
  27   Best Five Holes  MYOF Gross  $2.00 Handicap Establishment
 May  4  2 Woman Team 1 Best Ball  MYOF  Gross  $2.00   Blind Draw
  11  3-3-3 MYOF Gross $2.00 Handicap Establishment
  18   Gross/Net Skins  MYOF Gross $2.00 Handicap Establishment
  25  NO LEAGUE HOLIDAY       Memorial Day!
 June 1 Mutt & Jeff  MYOF  Gross/Net $2.00 

The 3 shortest and 2 longest
holes counts 1/2 handicap

  8  Besties MYOF Gross/Net $2.00 First 3 holes, choose best 1 score. 2nd 3 holes, choose best 2 scores.  3rd 3 holes, choose best 3 scores.
  15   2 Person Scramble  MYOF Gross Only $2.00 Pick your partner, or we can give you one
  22   Blind Holes MYOF Gross/Net $2.00 3 holes (selected by Copper Hill) are thrown out - holes not known until play is over
  29   Criers   MYOF Gross/Net $2.00 Player may substitute PAR for the two worst holes
 July 6   Beat The Pro MYOF Net Only $2.00 Pro gross score vs player net
  13   Low Net   MYOF Net Only $2.00 Full handicap
  20   Kickers Replay  MYOF Gross/Net $2.00 Player can replay any two shots, player calls the replay and continues with replay ball.
   27  Sweeps    MYOF Gross/Net $2.00  Play your own ball - normal gross and net    
Aug 3  Favorites  MYOF Net Only $2.00 predict 3 best holes before play.   Add these 3, subtract 1/2 handicap 
  10  Golf & Gamble MYOF Gross/Net $2.00  Random pick of 5 holes after you finish... this is your polka hand!       
  17  Karma Golf  Pairings Gross/Net $2.00 Each group gets a "Karma" ball.  Rotate the Karma ball among groups each hole - don't lose the Karma Ball. Those returning the Karma ball are winners for the day.     
   24  Peoria    MYOF  Gross/Net  $2.00  best score on a par 3, a par 4 and a par 5.  Multiply by 3.  Full handicap      
Aug  31 WHACK AND HACK  MYOF Gross   $2.00  Lowest score + highest score in group, lowest group score wins 
 Sept  7  LABOR DAY NO LEAGUE MYOF Gross/Net $2.00 Labor Day