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Operation Par


OPERATION PAR - You can shoot even PAR!

Golf Lessons with a Purpose

Par - noun - the number of strokes an accomplished player should normally require for a particular hole or course.

This is, for most golfers, a goal which is never obtained or even considered, it’s for those ‘pros’ and naturally talented athletes, it’s somebody else. Yet, the truth is, anybody can shoot par. How? MATCH THE COURSE TO THE PLAYER! Let’s face it, golf is a relaxing sport played on a beautiful playing field, naturally grows friendships, provides physical exercise, all things that we all want and need these days. But so often, we take up this game with little or no direction, playing under the same conditions with the same challenges that those that have played all of their lives are playing from! Talk about uneven playing fields…..

Copper Hill Golf Academy celebrates its 27th year this year with a  program designed to help ALL players enjoy all of these great benefits that golf provides, learning it where the game is played ON THE COURSE and giving them the chance to actually shoot LEVEL PAR on their own terms! It’s called OPERATION PAR.



We scale the course. The course starts at 25 yards per hole – this is the “beige” course. Once a player shoots a 36 at this level/distance, they will then move to the yellow course, where each hole is 50 yards long. A beginner golfer plays a course which is appropriate for a beginner, an intermediate player gets a more challenging course, and the advanced player may play the full length course. EVERYONE is set up for success, everyone has a realistic goal of shooting PAR for 9 holes, which is a 36. As the player evolves, the course changes, but that elusive goal of PAR 36 stays the same! For a list of the different courses and levels see THE COURSE below. ProgressChart


You’ll need to get involved in OPERATION PAR by signing up for a Copper Hill Golf Academy OPERATION PAR program. You won’t attempt the course until your instructor has spent enough time with you to develop the technical skills and baseline necessary to have a realistic chance to shoot 36 on the shortest course, the white course, which is 25 yards long per hole. Generally this will be your putting, chipping and pitching skills. You’ll be able to play and post “rounds” at your convenience,  the course will be available for FREE for certain times of the week (see below) or if you prefer another time there will be 

Each participant will receive a bag tag or a PAR card, depending on the program. As par is achieved, the card or the bag tag will be updated to the “color” or yardage at which you have proven to be able to shoot “par”. When a student reaches the red level (playing the red tees), they will be issued a CSGA handicap where they can start posting their own scores.



ADULTS - PRIVATE $339       5 weeks - arrange your own schedule                                                    each add'l month  $150  
ADULT - SEMI PRIVATE (2 people) $175pp      5 weeks - arrange your own schedule each add'l month  $125 pp  
JUNIOR - PRIVATE  (ages 7 to 17) $299  each add'l month $150  
JUNIOR - SEMI PRIVATE (2  juniors age 7 to 17 ) $159pp  each add'l month $135 pp  


OPERATION PAR   begins with a 5 week program, and then continues on a monthly basis, skills will be developed to accomplish reaching par (36) at longer and longer distances.  When you sign up for OPERATION PAR, the initial program is 5 weeks long and you can sign up as an individual or with a partner..  Each of these is priced differently. (see above)   When you have completed the 5 weeks, you may choose to continue as an individual or with a partner, (see above).   Challenge yourself to get to PAR at a longer distance!

There is no charge to attempt your PAR test during one of the free round time slots (see below). That’s free golf! You may do your PAR tests during other times for a regular greens fee on a space available basis. You may walk or take a cart. *    

* note cart rental for any round is $5 per person in the cart

The following time slots are “FREE” to play and attempt to shoot “PAR” on your level

Monday AM 7 am to 10 am (begin time must be during this time, tee time required)  (max 4 in a group)
Tuesday AM 7 am to 10 am (begin time must be during this time, tee time required)  (max 4 in a group)
All other times can be booked online or call 860-653-6191  and will be charged the going rate per round on a space available basis.   You may walk or take a cart, a cart would be an additional $7 per person

The goal is that PGA professional Paul Banks or staff will accompany you on your PAR rounds.


You will ::   

  • learn the game from the hole out,  advancing from shorter shots (putting, chipping) to longer shots (pitching, irons, driving)
  • learn to play at an appropriate pace regardless of the level you play at
  • learn rules and golf etiquette
  • learn at your own pace!


You don’t just pay your fee and we let you loose on your own. The program does come with skill building, traditional instruction from Copper Hill PGA Professionals Tim Boscarino or Paul Banks  and assistants on pre-defined days.   

• Try your best!
• Have fun!
• Like any round of golf and no matter the length of your golf course, whatever level you are at, you should be able to play the 9 holes in 2 hours and 15 minutes or less.


White – 25 yards per hole (225 yard golf course)
Yellow – 50 yards per hole (450 yard golf course)
Orange – 75 yards per hole (675 yard golf course)
Green - 100 yards per hole (900 yard golf course)
Silver - 125 yards per hole (1125 yard golf course)
Purple - 150 yards per hole (1350 yard golf course)
Brown – 175 yards per hole (1575 yard golf course)
Red - Copper Hill Red Tees (2331 yard golf course)
Gold - Copper Hill Gold Tees (2552 yard golf course)
White – Copper Hill White Tees (2737 yard golf course)
Blue - Copper Hill Blue Tees (3039 yard golf course)