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Driving Range

WEEKDAYS 12 to 5
WEEKENDS  11 to 5    


The Driving Range at Copper Hill Golf Academy was built in 1994 with the intention of providing a relaxing, no stress environment for beginners and advanced players to work on their games. The tee at the driving range is all grass, and has 4 different levels or tiers. The range can handle up to 32 hitters at once. The range also has a 3500 square practice pitching and chipping green, with an adjacent greenside bunker. The hitting area is irrigated and maintained at golf course conditions.

Signs on each tier communicate the day's yardages to each of the flags. Distances are updated each time the tees are moved.


              Sun      7AM to dusk
              Mon       9 AM to dusk
              Tues       9 AM to dusk
              Weds      9 AM to 5:30 PM (mowing night)
              Thurs       9 AM to dusk
                Fri           9 AM to dusk
                Sat           8 AM to dusk

The driving range has an automated machine which accepts all size bills. A small basket ($5) contains 40 balls, a medium basket ($9) contains 80 balls, and a large basket ($13) contains 120 balls. The automated machine does NOT return change, often times, however, there will be a range attendant available to make change.

Pre-Paid range keys can be purchased which allows customer to purchase balls at a pre-paid discount. Essentially, the greater the upfront payment, the greater the discount. Please see the fee schedule below :

You PayYou GetYour Discount
$60 $70 15%
$75 $90 17%
$150 $200 25%
$200 $275 28%
Pre-Purchase range key in our Webstore.

Customers will receive a programmable key similar to the picture above which can be kept on a key chain. The advantages of this method are : no fumbling for cash at the machine, no worries about having incorrect change, pre-paying customer tend to practice more. Range keys can be purchased online on this website in our store, or you can call 860-653-6191 (Copper Hill Pro Shop) or stop by the pro shop at 20 Copper Hill Road.