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Important Rules during COVID-19

Golf Course Open

Restrictions on Play 

  **  Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet at all times over the entire property including parking and practice areas
     **  Respect of social distancing applies not only to fellow players but also to golf course employees
     **  Payments and transactions should be made online or by phone 860-653-6191
     **  Restaurant and bathroom facilities are closed
     **  Holes have been adjusted so that the ball cannot completely go into the hole.  PLEASE REFRAIN FROM TOUCHING THE FLAGSTICK
     **  players handle only their own equipment and should not pick up discarded items such as used tees or stray golf balls
    ** one person per cart
     **  All carts will sanitized after use, and will not be put onto the golf course until this is completed
     **  No distribution of scorecards or pencils
     **  Ball washers, rakes, benches, water coolers, used tee baskets and other commonly handled items on the golf course have been removed.  
     **  Stakes marking penalty areas have been removed
     **  players waiting to play should not congregate, maintain social distancing at all times
    **  please call 860-653-6191 before arriving at course 
     **  If you do not feel well - STAY HOME!
Footgolf Course Open - kids welcome!
   **  Players must bring their own balls - no rentals
    **   One ball per player
    **  Same rules - no touching flagstick
    **   Call 8606536191 for a "kick" time